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Rayshow Lighting

Rayshow Lighting is one of enterprises manufacturing the LED industrial lighting and road lighting. The company founded the world's leading LED R & D center in Netherlands, Europe.

After the entrance of the industry, Rayshow Lighting takes the advantages of unconventional innovation for the rest of the world to provide a "high-end but not expensive dark green technology" for the LED new products.
Rayshow Lighting holds the value of "Let every power do their best". We do everything we for the corporate culture of "the enterprise bene-ts, the society bene-ts" to precipitate inthe company of all employees and Sourish.
Rayshow Lighting’s research and development of superconductor rapid cooling technology breakthroughs in LED technology development bottleneck has made a unique contribution.
Rayshow Lighting unremitting source of excellence ---- in order to illuminate a better tomorrow for mankind.


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