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Mitsubishi Chemical and Niantic Invest in DigiLens for AR Displays

Mitsubishi Chemical and Niantic Invest in DigiLens for AR Displays

December.3, 2018 - 18:11 — YiningChen 220 pageviews

DigiLens, a U.S.-based HUD device developer, announced that it has received an investment from AR software company Niantic and Diamond Edge Ventures, the strategic investment arm of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) in its Series C funding round. With the investment, DigiLens will continue its development in holographic AR displays for automobile, consumer and other applications.
With its technology in holographic waveguide displays, DigiLens provides proprietary nanomaterials and core technologies for AR displays. The company aims to create lighter, stronger smart glasses and displays for smart helmets through the investment from MCHC and Niantic.
Chris Pickett, CEO of DigiLens, said, “These investments will strengthen the ecosystem of support for DigiLens, its licensees and their customers for the manufacturing of large volumes of displays at consumer price points that cannot be matched by other technologies.”

(Image: DigiLens)

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