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US City and Canada Airport Install Smart LED Lighting System

US City and Canada Airport Install Smart LED Lighting System

July.15, 2019 - 16:15 — YiningChen 821 pageviews

The City of Wilmington in Delaware, US and Ontario Airport in Canada, have switched to smart LED lightingsystem.
The City of Wilmington collaborated with Delmarva Power on a new citywide smart lighting system. The project begins in July 2019 with the installation of 215 LED street lights and 50 smart sensors in West Center City, North Market Street, and Baynard Boulevard. The final goal is to convert all 7,050 streetlights to LEDs. With the project, the city aims to save up to US$150,000 per year by converting all the streetlights into sensor-equipped LED lights.

Meanwhile in Canada, Ontario Airport is replacing conventional HPS pole lights in parking lots and driveways into LED lights. With LED lighting solution provided by SolarMax LED, Ontario Airport expects to provide better customer experience as well as achieve energy saving goal.
The LED fixtures in the airport parking lots have also received a technological upgrade as the new LED pole lights are now equipped with dimming sensors that dim the light’s brightness to half when people are not detected in the area for 30 minutes. The new lighting system will allow the Ontario Airport to further save power consumption during low traffic periods while retaining a minimum level of illumination required for their security cameras.



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