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Fluence by Osram to Support JWC with Its Horticulture LED Lighting Solutions Lighting

Fluence by Osram to Support JWC with Its Horticulture LED Lighting Solutions Lighting

November.6, 2019 - 17:55 — YiningChen 237 pageviews

James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) announced that it has entered into a mutually collaborative product trial and evaluation agreement with Fluence Bioengineering, a Osram subsidiary, to test and provide feedback regarding the performance, functionality and suitability of Fluence’s VYPR 2p Broad Spectrum LED lighting solution.
Analysis will be conducted under the Agreement for a term of eight months to assess whether JWC can further improve its high level of energy efficiency by using lighting equipment provided by Fluence to help optimize cultivation performance at its flagship JWC2 facility in Ontario, Canada.

(Image: Fluence)

Throughout the term of the Agreement, Fluence will visit JWC to provide assistance with data collection, training on best practices for cultivating with LED lighting solutions and recommendations for climatic parameters to promote optimal plant growth. In turn, JWC will provide data analysis to Fluence with respect to cultivation performance in the flowering rooms utilizing Fluence’s lighting solutions.
“As a cultivator focused on optimizing plant metrics and yields, we are always looking at ways to enhance cultivation performance,” said Nathan Woodworth, President and CEO of JWC. “We expect Fluence’s LED solutions to provide a material cost and performance benefit for JWC. If the endpoint is met, it will reduce production costs and help augment yield per plant, which is already among the highest in the industry. We look forward to analyzing the results once the grow cycle data becomes available.”
If the project is successfully completed in accordance with the criteria set out in the Agreement, JWC intends to extend the relationship with Fluence by purchasing certain equipment from Fluence. Criteria to be analyzed include a defined cost benefit relative to each growing cycle and enhanced cultivation performance as defined in the Agreement.



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